About this website

This website exists to help challenge common misconceptions and myths about LGBT people.

Many hold negative attitudes towards gay, bi and trans people, based solely on misinformation or outdated stereotypes. This can lead to discrimination, harassment, and violence against LGBT individuals and their supporters. (See the Pyramid of Hate, PDF.)

This site aims to provide accurate information and evidence-based facts to debunk these myths and misconceptions. By promoting greater understanding, we can help create a more inclusive society.

It is not claiming to be a definite source of truth. Feedback and critique (but not hate mail) are welcome.

Why did you make this?

Online arguments on the topic of LGBT rights often cascade into a heated back-and-forth of personal attacks.

I imagined a resource that debunks misconceptions in a polite and understanding way, as you might try to explain to your prejudiced—but actually kind—relatives.

A link that you can post under ignorant comments on social media to educate, without wasting time and effort to gather references from the ground up, or sanity to argue about your right to live freely.

Who’s behind this?

I’m Anna, a designer / developer from Europe. 👋🏻

Currently, I’m the only one writing the content of this website, but realize the most effective way to challenge misinformation is through collaboration and feedback.

That’s why I’m looking for input from visitors, to make this site as informative and impactful as possible.

Can I help?

Yes! There are countless misconceptions and countless ways to educate. If you have any ideas for myths to debunk, know of relevant research, or anything else, please share your feedback.