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Bisexual people can’t be satisfied by a single partner, so they will cheat.


A bisexual person has the potential to be attracted to a person of any sex / gender. They are not more likely to want to be with more than one person at a time. Whether someone cheats on their partner is not related to their sexual orientation.

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Bisexuality ≠ promiscuity

Bisexual people (the B in LGBT) are often stigmatized in both straight and queer communities. Defined as those who like people of more than one gender, they’re regularly seen as indecisive, impossible-to-satisfy cheaters.

That’s not the case.

Imagine a woman considering a relationship with a bisexual man. She might think “since he also likes men, he’ll never be fully satisfied with a woman and will eventually cheat with a man.” (This is sadly a very common, and very misguided, thought process.)

First off, straight and gay people cheat too, so bisexuality is not the culprit. Secondly, that’s like saying “if a man likes both blondes and brunettes, then he’ll never be truly satisfied with a blond woman and will cheat with a brunette.”

It sounds absurd because it is.