Why are LGBT people so vocal about their sexuality / identity?


You likely have very different standards as to what you perceive as vocal when it comes to LGBT people. A man and a woman kissing in public might not grab your attention, but two men doing the same are “provocative”.

“I’m fine with people being gay, as long as they don’t go out their way to tell me about it.”

I’ve heard similar statements many times. The thing is, people are just living their lives but you perceive them as making everything about their sexuality.

You see a man wearing a dress and you say “Why did he wear that? Can’t he keep his sexual preferences private?” But wearing a dress doesn’t inherently reveal anything about one’s sexuality. That’s just your interpretation. If you saw a woman wearing a dress, it’s unlikely you’d assume she’s trying to broadcast her heterosexuality through her clothing.

What you’re really saying is “I don’t want people to act contrary to what I expect based on their appearance”. To which my response would be, “Why not?”