LGBT identities are a Western trend


People whom we’d label LGBT today have existed either visibly or secretively in societies around the globe since the dawn of history.

While many modern governments claim that LGBT people and identities are some sort of western plague spreading to the rest of the world, that is demonstratively not true. The existence of people whom today we would call homosexual, bisexual or transsexual has been recorded pretty much everywhere around the globe and was even accepted in places were today it is not.

Pretending that that is not the case, and that instead traditional values are under thread from globalization is just a way for politicians to gather public support and votes, and to unite people against an imaginary common enemy.

Today, same-sex relationships are illegal in many countries that were colonised by the British, in some cases punishable with life imprisonment or even death. What lots of people aren’t aware of is that these laws only came into existence through colonial rule.

— Source: How colonialism affects sexuality on Feeld Guides by Almaz Ohene